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  • Local and Producer Only- What Does That Mean?

    As we stroll around the market each Saturday morning, we catch bits and pieces of conversations between the market vendor and the customer. We also get questions and comments directly from the customer and sometimes feedback from the vendor. We, the market managers are there to support everyone; the vendor and customer. The Wildwood Farmers Market along with most every farmers market in the State is a “producer only” market. Today, we are going to...
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Market Report

  • Summer into Fall. Support the Market.

    Wildwood Farmers Market on Main 16860 Main Street Wildwood MO  Saturday, September 16, 2017 8:30am-12:30pm Enjoy live music by Andy McAllister.  Vendors are still bringing beautiful tomatoes and last of the season sweet corn. This is the time of year that I really enjoy and appreciate tomatoes, corn and other summer produce as I know the season may soon be coming to a close. After all of the tomatoes are...


  • 2017 Wildwood Farmers Market- ON MAIN STREET

    The 2017 Farmers Market season is just around the corner. The reports from our producer vendors have been quite positive (so far). Of course with the last several days of heavy rain, things could change. But we will still begin the season on Saturday, May 13th at 8:30am. Just in time for Mother’s Day, customers can look forward to shopping at the market for flowers, plants, speciality food items, fresh...


  • Michael and Jill Jonas Performing this Weekend

    This week we have a special duo, Michael Jonas of the Wayward Mountaineers and his wife, Jill. They were so popular when they performed earlier this year, we have asked them back....

Author Fest

  • Author Fest this Saturday, June 17

    We will continue to host local authors on the third Saturday of each month during the market season. This week we are showcasing the works of Braxton DeGarmo, Laine Boyd and Suzette Hopkins Laine Boyd Laine Boyd writes, ghost-writes, and edits fiction and non-fiction. She is the mother of two grown children and sponsors two children through World Vision. A trained musician, avid cook, and animal lover, she lives with...