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Market Report for May 28

Wildwood Farmers Market
8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
16860 Main Street, Wildwood, MO
Saturday, May 27, 2017

This weekend at the market you will continue to see beautiful late spring, early summer greens. The first of the season visit from Cadet Creek with their greenhouse TOMATOES, cucumber and zucchini as well as well as strawberries, asparagus and cauliflower. Yes, you will still be able to take advantage of the harvest of strawberries! In addition, a variety of fresh, just-picked, produce that includes onions, kale, radishes, and turnips, as well as garden starts, bedding plants, fresh cut flowers, herbs and more, will be brought to market by our vendors.

Our Little Sprouts, kid’s market activities and token program will also start this weekend. Children visiting the Little Sprouts tent will be able to participate in an activity and receive $2 in market tokens. These tokens can be spent with various market vendors. The children can purchase their own fruits, vegetables and other, selected market goods.

We have continued to enjoy the local, fresh, seasonal produce in our home and have been quite happy that market season has begun.

One of my favorite salads over the last few weeks has been a bowl of the sweet, spring lettuces (Bibb has been a favorite) with fresh cut strawberries, spring onions, goat cheese and a sprinkling of butter toasted pecans. My dressings have varied. But once again, a favorite has been a strawberry vinaigrette that I have literally “whipped up” shortly before our meal is ready to serve. The quantity of ingredients for the dressing will depend on the amount of salad being served and the flavor (sweet/tart) that one prefers. Use a good quality strawberry jam or jelly, a little Dijon mustard, a bit of salt, fresh ground pepper, vinegar, whisk together and slowly add olive oil. The dressing will emulsify. Taste and adjust to your liking. Sometimes we like it a bit more tart and acidic and add a bit more vinegar or mustard. Other times we want it a bit sweeter and add more jam or honey. Vary the vinegar as well. I have used champagne vinegar, balsamic and cider vinegar. Various vinaigrette’s will become a staple over the coming months for various vegetable and fruit salads and side dishes served in our home. One can add a citrus juice; a squeeze of fresh lemon, lime or orange to always brightens up a dish or dressing. Finely chopped garlic, scallions or shallots are a traditional addition. Various honeys, jellies, sorghum, fruit purees are great sweeteners. Fresh or dried herbs also add another element to a dressing. Many times I save a jelly jar that has just a bit of jelly at the bottom and sides to start the process of making my dressing. Add the remaining ingredients, SHAKE and taste. Save a few jars and bottles and add seasonal, fresh, homemade dressings and vinaigrettes to your repertoire.

Over the last few weeks, I have also enjoyed “playing with” the CaCao Nibs from Rick Jordan. Rick has little bags of single origin, roasted cacao beans. They are fairly easy to crack, peel and get the nibs out. The cacao nibs have various flavor profiles based on the origin. It’s a similar concept to coffee beans. I have used the nibs to sprinkle on yogurt, and have baked them into brownies. I am hoping to mix them into my homemade granola the next time I make a batch. George is thinking homemade chocolate chip ice cream!

I am here to help you step out of the box and expand your creative cooking, tasting and menu planning according to the seasons and market availability of unique products. From week to week and season to season, I am going to make an attempt to share new ideas and inspiration.

The market vendor list will be expanding as the season progresses. I am planning to bring in more vendors, new vendors that are unique to the Wildwood Farmers Market. I want to create a one of a kind farmers market that the community and the shopper will find interesting. A creative mix of local, seasonal, artisanal and FUN vendors. As the vendor list grows, I am depending on the community and the market shopper base to grow with us. Rain or shine, windy, breezy, humid, delightful, cloudy, sunny, drizzly, perfect, not so perfect; through all kinds of weather, temperatures and forecasts the market will remain and the vendors will continue to work hard to bring you their best.

Saturday’s vendor list may change (as the weather changes) and may include
Stuckmeyer Plants and Produce
Cadet Creek
Rosy Buck Farm
Flower Hill Farm
Papillion Perennials
Stuart Farm
Alpacas of Troy
El Chico Bakery
Hunters Ridge Berry Farm
Wine Creek Farm
Adventures in Spice
Great Harvest Breads
Rick Jordan, Chocolatier
It’s a Winnerman Card
Alfa Designs
Rocky Top Crafts
Debbie Sinn
Coasters N More
Lila Bahl Photography
Ray Ray’s Kettle Corn

Enjoy live music by Michael Jonas.

See you at the Market.
Many Thanks for Your Continued Support.

The Sackett’s
Farmers Market Managers

Meet the Meat Producers, Local Authors, Bean to Bar Chocolate, Fresh Produce

 Wildwood Farmers Market
Saturday, May 20
8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
16860 Main Street, Wildwood MO

A reminder that we have market rain or shine. Please make plans to visit the market and support the vendors each week, even in the rain!

This is the week to come and “meet the meat vendors.” Stock up your fridge and freezer for the upcoming holiday weekend and summer grilling season. Talk to the folks that raise the animals. We will have a variety of beef, pork and chicken cuts available from a number of different local, farm vendors.

Enjoy local, seasonal, just picked produce, farm fresh eggs, honey, plants for your yard and garden, hand blended teas, herb and spices and Great Harvest Bread.  New this week is Rick Jordan, Chocolatier. Rick is one of the area’s only bean to bar chocolatiers and will be demonstrating and sampling the bean to bar process. Rick will have a delicious variety of his unique, handmade confections for you to purchase.

This season we are continuing the Author Fest on the third Saturday of each month. This week meet authors Braxton DeGarmo, Suzette Hopkins, Vicki Lesage and Ellen Meyer. Talk to them about their work as an author, purchase their books and get them signed as well. A variety of authors will be joining us throughout the season.

To keep up with the weekly vendor list and most recent market report, check out our website and Facebook page. We try to post the most recent update on vendors and produce Friday nights and Saturday mornings.

Thank you for your support and see you at the market!
The Sackett’s
Wildwood Farmers Market on Main, Market Managers

Our passion as market managers:
As market managers for a number of years, my husband and I take a real interest in our food, in our communities, in our food producers and food distribution. We have attended many conferences, sat in on a number of classes, trainings and have learned a lot about farming methods, food production, harvesting, transporting and the selling of food. Most of it has been about locally produced food and local farming. But along with that, there is quite a bit of education and information shared and reported about the larger scale, agribusiness and mass food production. The kind of growing and producing and processing that includes thousands of acres of fruits and veggies, thousands of animals, and hundreds of employees needed for harvesting and working in processing plants.

We have sat in classes and been trained and certified in GAP (good agricultural practices). In these classes we learned a lot about safe farming practices that include soil preparation, clean sources of irrigation as well as harvesting, processing, packing and selling of farm products. Other classes have included education in the nutrition of food grown in healthy soil and studies measuring the best flavor and nutrition in food picked at its peak of ripeness. Terms like “brix” and “phytonutrients” are used to describe tasty produce that’s full of good nutrition

The produce, eggs, meat, honey, bread and pastries at the farmers market are fresh and full of nutrients and goodness. The food will be just picked and at its peak with minimal storage or travel time.  The produce is grown in healthy, well managed soil. The meat and eggs  are from well managed and well taken care of animals.

All of the raw fruits and veggies that are purchased still need to be cleaned and handled properly, stored appropriately and used within a reasonable amount of time. Handwashing, clean countertops and containers are all good practices no matter where your food comes from.

I am hoping that by reading and understanding this information and knowing the terminology, you will connect with what the market vendors are offering. Perhaps you will better understand the pricing and the nutritional value of their products.

As the market manager, one of my many tasks is to provide the community with a unique and wide variety of quality vendors. I want the vendors to do well each week. I want them to sell out at 12:30pmI want all of you to form relationshipsI want the market to be a place of commerce and community. Over the next few weeks I will be writing about subjects that will educate and entertain you.

What do the terms free range, cage free, pastured and all natural mean in the egg and meat industry? How do bees make honey? Why is honey different colors and have different flavors? What does organic mean? Why are those eggs more expensive? What are sprouts? We will also be sharing more recipes and easy ways to prep and enjoy fresh, seasonal, local produce.

The market continues to grow and flourish and we continue to look forward to a wonderful season.


Opening Day for the 2017 Season

Wildwood Farmers Market
16860 Main St.
8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Saturday, May 13

We are excited to get an early start on this year’s farmers market. The big news is that we have moved the market. There is construction going on in our old location so we are now in front of the City Hall of Wildwood (16860 Main St. Wildwood). The best access is to turn west off of Taylor onto Main St and follow it to the end. Park along the road or in the garage. Handicap parking will be available on the road next to the market. If you forget and end up in the old location just continue west on Plaza and you will be able to access parking behind City Hall.

It looks like we are getting a break with the weather this weekend and should have a lovely day. Come on down and find a variety of local seasonal produce. It is also the day before Mother’s Day (I bet you are glad for the reminder) and we will have a number of local flower vendors as well as artisan craft vendors for special treats such as pottery, handmade jewelry, soap and wooden spoons for the Mother in your life. You are sure to find some goodies for the dinner table or for Mom.

We are excited to have Tyler Samuels & The Bad Haircuts to entertain you on this first market of the season.

We expect many returning vendors like Cadet Creek and Stuckmeyer’s with a variety of early season produce. We should have several meat vendors as well with beef, pork, chicken, and alpaca. A real treat is that there will have morel mushrooms available. We expect a variety vendors with cut flowers, potted plants, herbs, perennials, natives and pollinators for your table, yard and garden. Bob’s Honey will be there with his famous local honey. Spice up your life with Adventures in Spice custom made spice blends. We also anticipate a new bakery vendor this year with Great Harvest. Another new vendor will be Hunter Ridge with jams, jellies, berries, and maybe pies.

Come check out the new location and support your local farmers market and all the local vendors.