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Author: George Sackett

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Enjoy the Market. Support Local. Tomatoes, beans, figs, raw honey, meats, eggs, cheeses, breads, tea, soap, yarn and MORE

Wildwood Farmers Market on Main
16860 Main Street, Wildwood MO
Saturday, September 23

Enjoy live music by Connor Low and Race Simmons from 9am-12pm

Enjoy a little bit of everything local, homemade and homegrown on Saturday, at the market. We will have a nice variety of pastured meats from Stuart Farm, Alpacas of Troy and Farrar Out Farms. You have the opportunity to meet the folks that raise the animals; chickens, beeves, hogs, lamb and alpaca. Vendors will also have pastured eggs, raw honey, local, seasonal produce (including figs), locally produced cheese, fruit preserves, as well as unique tea blends made from fair trade tea leaves, herb and spice blends, breads, plants for your yard and garden, handmade soap and handspun yarns.

This week I have included links to many of the producers blogs, website, Etsy or Facebook pages. Enjoy.

Larder and Cupboard: In addition to the Marcoot and Ludwig cheeses, they will be bringing Milton Prairie Breeze , Chili Pepper Cheddar and Flory’s Truckle.
Market Customers that post and engage with Ludwig Farmstead Cheese on social media (Instagram, FB, Twitter) could win a free piece of Ludwig Cheese to be picked up at the Larder and Cupboard, Wildwood Market tent.
Rosy Buck– Dickinson Pumpkins, Radish Pods, lots of tomatoes, purple beans, sprouts and whatever else their garden sprouts before Saturday morning. Some pastured eggs. http://www.rosybuckfarm.com/
Stuart Farm– pastured raised heritage chicken and pork cuts as well as some pastured eggs. http://stuartfarm.com/
Bob’s Honey-local, raw honey
Alpaca’s of Troy– pasture raised alpaca and pork cuts, hand spun and dyed alpaca yarns, alpaca fiber crafts including dryer balls
Farrar Out Farms– pastured beef, pork, lamb and chicken, eggs and organically grown and some organically raised produce
Ivan’s Fig Farm-a variety of locally produced figs
Condo’s Produce– a variety of locally grown, seasonal produce
Adventures in Spice– a unique variety of locally created herb and spice blends including no-salt and no sugar. Lots of BBQ rubs are available as well as Chile seasonings, dips and spread packets.
Great Harvest Bread– a variety of locally made bread (they grind the grain every morning)
Trail Lodge Tea– Annette creates and blends a unique variety of teas. She uses fair trade, organic tea leaves. Some of her tea blends are named after and support endangered animals (like sea turtles). She has created relationships with some of the tea leaf “farmers” in the countries of origin, cutting out the middle man with more of the profits going directly to the producer. Annette also created flavors around the seasons or for special occasions. Her new blend for the market this weekend is Mexican Wedding Cake.
Rosey Acres– Diane, the former rosarian for the Missouri Botanical Gardens and current author in Gateway Gardening brings a variety of rose bushes to the market. She also has created a unique fertilizer and soil amendment for roses.
Papillon Perennials– Cathy will have a variety of native perennials for your yard and garden.
Goose Creek Soap– Lana has a nice variety of hand made soaps and body care products
Stitches by Ann– embroidered towels, bags, baby onesies, kids aprons,  bibs, towels and other accessories for your home and kitchen.
Lavender Leaf- All things whimsical for your child or child at heart. Christie creates, sews, carves and weaves to make an assortment of bows, bands, crowns, tutu’s, animals and jewelry.
It’s a Winnerman Card– I have been enjoying these fun, creative cards for a few years. His clever art and prose are one of a kind. https://itsawinnerman.weebly.com/

See you at the market.

Summer into Fall. Support the Market.

Wildwood Farmers Market on Main
16860 Main Street
Wildwood MO 
Saturday, September 16, 2017

Enjoy live music by Andy McAllister.

 Vendors are still bringing beautiful tomatoes and last of the season sweet corn. This is the time of year that I really enjoy and appreciate tomatoes, corn and other summer produce as I know the season may soon be coming to a close. After all of the tomatoes are done and gone, we don’t purchase fresh tomatoes from the store; we only use the ones we have preserved. Our meal preparation changes with the season.
This week  we enjoyed a spaghetti squash Puttnesca dish and we used fresh tomatoes as well as a large spaghetti squash. The best of two seasons!  The dish was quite delicious and we commented on how different it might taste if we make it again with our preserved tomatoes instead of the fresh ones. We agreed that this dish could be equally as good with the home canned as the fresh. Different, but still delicious. We have made stuffed peppers and sealed them for the freezer as well. Our veggie soup is in quart jars, jams and preserves are made, corn and beans have been pressure canned in pint jars. Next up will probably be apple butter. I usually make enough apple butter to last us through a couple of seasons; we don’t make it every year. I have some large bags of frozen Concord grape pulp that I will soon make into jelly. It will be a tasty winter for us.

The market vendor list gets smaller, but the variety and quality of the vendors does not diminish. Please continue to come and support the market vendors for the next few weeks as the market season draws to a close.
We continue to have fresh, local, seasonal produce, pastured meats, eggs, local cheese, raw honey, cut flowers, salsa, pickles, breads, preserves and more. Local artisans will join us as well as local authors.

Current Vendor list includes (expecting to hear from a few more)
Stuckmeyer Plants and Produce
Rosy Buck and Flower Hill Farm
Wine Creek Farm
Stuart Farm
Condo’s Produce

Hidden Valley Honey
Two Men and a Garden
Larder and Cupboard
Great Harvest Bread
Adventures in Spice
Your Patio Garden
Rainbow End Jewelry
Lavender Leaf
Local Authors- Braxton DeGarmo and Laine Boyd

Summer into Fall. Enjoy local produce, pastured meats, eggs, artisan cheese, figs, raw honey, baked goods, cut flowers and more

Wildwood Farmers Market on Main
16860 Main Street, Wildwood MO
Saturday, Sept 9th, 8:30am-12:30pm

The headline says it all!! The produce and the vendors are transitioning from summer into fall.
This week you will find locally produced artisan cheeses, fresh figs, pastured raised meats including beef, pork, chicken, alpaca, goat, lamb and heritage breeds such as Tamworth pork. Customers will also be able to find pastured eggs, raw honey, preserves, cut flowers, savory and sweet baked goods, herbs and spices, sprouts, native plants and some handmade artisan wares.

Join us at the market and support the vendors. Enjoy live music by The Flea Bitten Dawgs. Market lunch will be available until sold out.

Vendor List as of posting
Ivan’s Fig Farm
Larder and Cupboard
Rosy Buck and Flower Hill Farm
Stuart Farm
Farrar Out Farm
Adventures in Spice
El Chico Bakery
Great Harvest Bread
Alpacas of Troy
Hidden Valley Honey
Condos Produce
Stuckmeyer Plants and Produce
Papillon Perennials
Cindy for the Birds
Stitches by Ann
Lavender Leaf
Rainbows End Creations
Stella Grace

See you at the market.