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Author: George Sackett

Web guy for St. Louis Community College

Week of June 22

The market continues to grow and we thank you for your participation. We had a great week of music with the the Salt of the Earth and the weather was delightful for wandering the market.

PM BBQ is still test marketing a new breakfast sandwich. The first week it was such a huge hit with the vendors that they ran out early. Last week they brought more and more folks got to enjoy a little slice of heaven on a biscuit.

This week we are hoping to add a new produce vendor as Miller’s Organics is off – something about a siege of the castle. You will have to ask James when he gets back.

Music for June 22

We are welcoming a new duo to the market. A little information about them.

Steve and Greg of Just for S & G is a duo that tries to bring a sense of fun to their music. They’ve been playing music together since 1987 when Steve finished his tour of duty of in the U.S. Navy.

They feature over 400 songs in their song book, from all different kinds of music; Country, Rock, Folk, Pop, etc. They try to emphasize playing what the audience wants to hear vs. playing off a set list. They play the songs that we all know and love, from Frank to Floyd. (and made others millions of dollars!)

Steve plays 6 and 12 string guitars as well as the occasional harmonica. Greg plays guitar, acoustic and electric, and if the occasion calls for it, he might sneak in a banjo or ukulele.

You can learn more about them

Come out, peruse the vendors (always encourage that you purchase too) and have a breakfast sandwich from PM BBQ or a slice of delicious bread from  Princess Delights and enjoy the sounds of Just for S & G