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Free $10 Market Token

The City of Wildwood’s Farmers Market will be a participant in a special event sponsored by Chipotle Restaurants this Saturday. Chipotle Restaurants will be providing $2,000.00 to the market to allow the first 200 adult customers to receive a single $10.00 token to spend with the market vendors that day. Every customer receiving a token (limit one (1) per adult customer) will have the opportunity to exchange it for $10.00 of food, produce, or other treats, as part of Chipotle Restaurants’ Farmers Market Appreciation Week to encourage people to shop locally and purchase healthy choices. Please come by tomorrow and be a participant in this unique and generous promotion.

Farmer Appreciation Day

We are celebrating Farmer Appreciation Week with a special deal. Chipotle will be partnering with the market this Saturday passing out $10 tokens to the first 200 adults. These tokens can be used to make purchases at the market. It is a great opportunity to come early and get to know the many farmers that are growing healthy food for you and your family. And get $10 in free food too!

Chipotle’s support for farmers’ markets is an extension of its broader commitment to serving food from more sustainable sources and it is said to be the only national restaurant company that serves 100 percent naturally raised meat (from animals that are raised in a humane way, and never given antibiotics or added hormones), has increasing commitments to organic and locally grown produce, and is expanding its use of dairy from pasture-raised cows.

Week of June 22

The market continues to grow and we thank you for your participation. We had a great week of music with the the Salt of the Earth and the weather was delightful for wandering the market.

PM BBQ is still test marketing a new breakfast sandwich. The first week it was such a huge hit with the vendors that they ran out early. Last week they brought more and more folks got to enjoy a little slice of heaven on a biscuit.

This week we are hoping to add a new produce vendor as Miller’s Organics is off – something about a siege of the castle. You will have to ask James when he gets back.