Two Men and a Garden

As they say on their website,
“We’re just two Fenton neighbors – with a passion for growing fresh vegetables, trying to support our backyard gardening addiction.
We have perfected our salsa and pickle recipes and would love to share the results with you!”

Two Men and a Garden is a St. Louis based company that produces a variety of local Salsa and Pickles. Mild, Medium, Hot and Screaming Hot Salsa. Dill and Spicy Dill pickles. Mango, Strawberry and Peach Salsa are seasonal flavors.  A variety of Dill and Sweet Pickles are also available.

Two Men and a Garden booth

Two Men and a Garden booth

To provide fresh locally bottled salsa and pickles using only fresh ingredients. We will peel every tomato and chop every vegetable. We can’t grow everything in our own garden, but we do promise to have something from our garden in every jar!

Two Men and a Garden is the Best Salsa and Pickles that you will ever taste.