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Andy McAllister to perform July 8

Thursday, July 6th, 2017 | George Sackett | Entertainment

Andy McAllister is returning this Saturday. It’s his first time performing at the farmers market this season.  We think that you will enjoy this talented young musician.

Andy’s Bio -Born and raised in St. Louis MO, my music background can be summed up in one genre; the blues. I fell in love with music at a very early age and began playing guitar at the age of 9. I started with the blues, but more specifically classic rock. In high school, I began listening more to acoustic music and expanding my musical horizon. I learned the mandolin and that opened my eyes to bluegrass and more folk inspired music. Today, I have expanded on my inspirations and love playing a variety of tunes.

It was also in high school that I began playing out in public. I started playing in coffee shops around town, even hosting an open mic night for a period of time. Since then, I’ve played instrumental, acoustic music for a number of wedding ceremonies, and provided outdoor entertainment for establishments locally as well as in Kansas City and Pennsylvania. I love to play for people who enjoy listening to good music.

You can find out more about Andy from his website and Facebook page