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Aug 3 – Samba Bom

Friday, August 2nd, 2013 | George Sackett | Entertainment

This week’s entertainment will be provided by Samba Bom.

Samba Bom, a Midwest-based music ensemble, offers the authentic sounds of Brazil mixed with the flavor of carnaval. They play a unique mix of Brazilian popular song styles, including:
Samba, the energetic national rhythm of Brazil

  • Bossa Nova, a laid-back, seductive sound that merges jazzy melodies with the essence of the samba beat (popularized by Antonio Carlos Jobim and songs like “The Girl from Ipanema”)
  • Brazilian Jazz, under the influence of American Jazz, this the newest style of world music.
  • Olodum, an rhythm-heavy, Afro-Brazilian sound tinged with reggae (popularized by Olodum)
  • Forro, a lively syncopated sound from the rural northeastern Brazil
  • Chorinho, a richly melodic sound driven by string instruments like guitar, flute & cavaquinho.
  • Pagode, a funky Rio “party music” sound
  • Batucada, an exciting, all-percussive jam session that brings any audience to its feet to dance along with the group – just like carnaval in Rio de Janeiro