Little Sprouts Program

Do you know about our kid’s market program called “Little Sprouts”?

Under our Little Sprouts tent each week we have kid’s activities and an opportunity for the first 25 children to get tokens to do their own market shopping. Each child receives 2 tokens worth $1 each. After participating in the weekly activity, kids will have $2 in market money to spend with our market vendors. If they wish, kid’s can save up their tokens from week to week to make larger purchases.

We encourage children AND parents join in and experience a variety of hands on activities that invites them learn more about the food they eat. We want to encourage kids and parents to  talk to the farmer that grows their food and to pick out a seasonal, locally grown fruit of vegetable to take home. It’s especially fun if it is something new that has never been tasted before. The farmers are supportive of the program and will recognize the tokens when presented to them at their tent.

We encourage parents to then get the children involved in helping prepare the food and to enjoy eating it as a family. The goal is to get families with children to  experience with all of their senses what fresh, local, seasonal food looks like, tastes like, smells like and feels like. We want kid’s and parents to get more excited trying new foods. We want to create an atmosphere where kid’s and parents can better understand what seasonal produce is; what whole, raw, fresh produce looks like and tastes like as well as the benefits of of eating fresh, local, just picked food and meeting the person that produces it.

We are still looking for sponsors to help us continue the program. Please contact us for more details if you or your company is interested in supporting this program.

Program Sponsors

Healing Hands Wellness Therapies