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Come Enjoy the Market on Main Street

Friday, June 2nd, 2017 | George Sackett | market-report

Wildwood Farmers Market on Main
Saturday, June 3, 2017
 16860 Main Street, Wildwood MO.


We may have absolutely perfect weather for the market this weekend. Please plan your visit to the market  and enjoy a variety of vendors bringing the most fresh, local, seasonal produce, plants, fresh herbs and cut flowers, herb and spice blends and jam as well as honey, eggs, pastured meats, baked goods and more.

“It’s not my favorite.” That’s my phrase for vegetables or other dishes that, well, are not my favorite. I will try bites and do my best to enjoy absolutely EVERYTHING. It’s an adventure for me. Even if I end up not really liking something, I have experienced the taste and texture of a food that is new to me. I have come to appreciate the philosophy that if I don’t like something, it’s probably because I have not tasted or tried it prepared in a way that I WILL ENJOY. So for those foods that aren’t my favorite, I will keep trying and tasting in different preparations with most of the time finding that “sweet spot” and having that AhHaaa moment.

It seems as though recently, every new season brings a new veggie into my path that I have had the “it’s not my favorite” moment with sometime in my life. This season it is the turnip. I have great memories as a child, sitting on a grassy slope right next to my grandpa’s garden, eating raw turnips. I remember eating so many that I would get a tummy ache. I remember eating various raw, veggies right from the garden. Raw peas, corn, tomatoes, green beans, broccoli were quite frequently sampled with a bit of dirt and probably after picking off a bug or worm!! Organic, right?!! The not so great turnip memory was sitting at the dinner table until dark with a serving bowl (now cold) of boiled turnips in front of me. I would not even take a bite. I do not remember at this point in my life if I ever took a bite of those cold, boiled turnips or if my dad eventually let me be dismissed from the table without even a taste??!! Must have been pretty traumatic.

I have been recently reintroduced to the turnip. The Hakurei turnip is new to me. Since meeting the Gallina’s about a year ago my “like” for different veggies prepared in imaginative, creative ways has been really expanded. I have other chef friends that have really gifted me with the gift of enjoying more varieties of vegetables that are now “my favorite”!! Having Chef Rob Uyemura and Local Chef Kitchen in my neighborhood has also been a fun way to explore unique, seasonal, local vegetable dishes. Since becoming a market manager I have been introduced to a number of varieties of veggies that I had not seen or tasted before. Several varieties of radishes, a few new turnips, hot and sweet peppers, lettuces and so much more.

Turnip season is almost at an end. But there will be more harvested in the cooler temperatures of fall. Meanwhile, I am sure there will be an upcoming, unique, summer vegetable that will soon become my new “it’s not my favorite, favorite”.

This week we have enjoyed new ways to prepare the turnip and have also been very efficient at using the entire beet. The beet itself (the root vegetable) gets peeled, drizzled with plenty of olive oil, sea salt, fresh ground pepper, chopped spring onion and fresh garlic then roasted in a hot oven until caramelized. The thick, always thrown away beet stems get chopped and sautéed until soft and then into that same skillet the washed, chopped beet greens (leaves) get added. A skillet of sautéed beet greens finished with sea salt, pepper and a generous drizzle of good, syrupy balsamic vinegar is delicious and extremely healthy. One can prepare turnip greens that same way. Using the whole vegetable is not difficult, cuts down on food waste and adds a lot of good nutrition to your meal.

The vendor list may include the following:
Stuckmeyer Plants and Produce
Cadet Creek
Rosy Buck Farm
Flower Hill Farm
Stuart Farm
Sunny Creek Farm
Homers Farm and Produce
Bob’s Honey Nuts and Twig Farm
Papillon Perennials
Lavendar Leaf
Rick Jordan, Chocolatier
Adventures in Spice
El Chico Bakery
Great Harvest Bread
Rocky Top Crafts
Debbie Sinn

Support the vendors, enjoy live music by The Wise Bros. and make sure the kids visit our Little Sprouts market tent.

See you at the market.
The Sackett’s
Farmers Market Managers