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Local, Fresh, Seasonal. Who’s Your Farmer?

Friday, June 3rd, 2016 | George Sackett | market-report

Please come out and enjoy the Farmers Market from 8:30am-12:30pm, rain or shine. We have a great selection of vendors lined up. The Market is held in the Wildwood Town Square, 221 Plaza Drive in Wildwood MO.

Each week I send out a “vendor roll call” email. I ask the vendors to confirm if they will be attending and if so, a list of what they will be bringing. Trying to remember that many of these folks are outside tending to their fields, gardens and livestock and rarely have time to check email. Or they live in more rural areas and they don’t get good internet connection or have wifi. A phone call or text has to suffice. So, as I try to give you, the community, the shopper, the supporter, as much information as possible, sometimes there will be changes and tweaks.

This week’s market will feature a variety of pork and chicken vendors. I am hoping to get a confirmation from Alpacas of Troy and have the alpaca meat and fiber crafts as well. I am a strong advocate of supporting, local, sustainable, pastured meat producers. My goal this season is to give you (the shopper) a variety of meats and farm producers to choose from. You will find that the different meat producers raise different breeds of pigs, beeves and chickens. They may pasture their animals differently, use different feeds, go to different butchers and processors, have different packaging and varieties of cuts. You will also notice the difference in farm fresh eggs. The different breeds of chickens, what they eat, where they graze, are the on pasture, in a hen house? All of these factors will all make a difference in egg price, egg color and richness, thickness of shell and nutrition value.

In addition to the pork and chicken, this week expect a nice variety of local, seasonal, freshly picked produce and just pulled spring honey We are in the late spring and early summer produce season. As the weather gets warmer, some of the early season crops are finishing and the early summer crops are beginning to come in. Late June and early July we will start to see the heat loving summer produce.

Wildwood Green Arts will continue to have hands on creative activities for all ages

Tomorrow’s vendors will include, but not limited to
A variety of local, seasonal produce, meat and plants
Brushy Creek
Stuckmeyer Plants and Produce
Rosy Buck Farm
Schneider Family Farm
Stuart Farm
Sunny Creek Farm
Alpacas of Troy
Papillion Perennials

Locally Branded Food
Adventures in Spice
El Chico Bakery
Ray Rays Kettle Corn
Blooming with Joy (tea blends)
Koupps Koffee (locally roasted coffee)
Noble Canine ( dog treats)

It’s a Winnerman Card
Cindy’s for the Birds
Deb Sinn (Silpada)
My Creative Outlet 123
Gaelic Artwork by Toni Hodges
One Eye Blind (wooden spoons and utensils)