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Local, Seasonal, Fresh and Fun – June 11, 8:30am-12:30pm

Friday, June 10th, 2016 | René Sackett | market-report

Please join us at the market each Saturday from 8:30am-12:30pm. The market is located in the Wildwood Town Square, 221 Plaza Drive in Wildwood MO.

Live music by Salt of the Earth, Little Sprouts kids tent, Wildwood Green Arts tent with fun, hands on activities and a great variety of vendors can all be enjoyed at the market on Saturday.

There is a rumor that Local Chef Kitchen may be at the Market this week!! Enjoy Strawberry Rhubarb Coffee Cake and Ranger Chicken Salad on House Made Pita…if he is there!! And he’ll have coffee (if he shows up)! He’ll be there!!

Each week we strive to provide the community with a fun and inviting gathering place. We look forward to providing the market customer with local and seasonal produce. In a day and age when we can get anything and everything we want to eat, anytime of year, most anytime of day because of the abundance of our local grocery stores, we sometimes forget what our seasonal and local foods are.

There is a certain convenience of not having to plan a menu or a meal around what is growing or being raised at the local farm. It is nice to be able to buy a tomato in the November or sweet corn in May if one chooses. But in all of this, have we forgotten and perhaps a generation has not learned what really grows in our local area in any given season?

The challenge of the market manager and the challenge for the market vendor is keeping it local and keeping it seasonal and yet still stay appealing and satisfying to the general population. The market is not only a fun event space for the community; it is also a place of commerce. Many of the farmers and producers attempt to make a living by growing the food that you see at the farmers market each week. We do have some producers that have to have a second job to supplement their farms or ones that do it for a hobby or enjoyment. But the majority of produce and meat vendors that you see at the market are there to make a living.

As a market manager, we try to stay true to the “producer only” homegrown, homemade and handmade motto. That means that the produce you see on the table and buy from the vendor will be grown by them or their family member and on occasion farmers that live close to each other will share fields and farm space. The produce at the market will not be from “produce row” or from a reseller. If it grows in Missouri at any given season, you should see it at our market vendors tents. From what I have experienced as the market manager over the last few years is that if it grows in Missouri, we have it.

We are fortunate to have a few farm producers with very large farms, greenhouses, hoop houses and fields. And a good mix of smaller “micro-farmers”. Smaller farms, hoop houses and gardens with more speciality produce. We have eggs, honey, plants, cut flowers, herbs, jams and jellies and baked goods. Each week , we try to have at least one local meat producer . At this point in time, we are still expanding and growing the meat producer schedule. On some weeks we do have pork, beef and chicken producers all scheduled. This week we will have E&E Acres selling local, pastured pork cuts. 

Local, Seasonal Produce, Plants and Meat
Cadet Creek
Millers Organics
River Hills Homestead
Rosy Buck Farms
Louise Belt (local Wildwood, organic farm)
Stuckmeyer Plants and Produce
Brushy Creek Farm
Papillon Perennials
E&E Acres

Dog Food and Dog Treats
EmmiLou’s Barkery
Fresh Start

Locally Branded Food
El Chico Bakery
Adventure’s In Spice
Ray Ray’s Kettle Corn

Local Artisans
Photography by Alyce
It’s a Winnerman Card
Deb Sinn

My Creative Outlet 123
Alfa Designs
Lavender Leaf