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Summertime produce season is now here. Don’t miss the freshest, tastiest, just picked fruits and veggies.

Friday, June 30th, 2017 | George Sackett | market-report

Wildwood Farmers Market on Main
Saturday, July 1st
16860 Main Street, Wildwood MO

Thank you for supporting the market each Saturday. As long as you, the community and customer continue to come, meet the producers and make purchases, the market will continue to flourish and grow from week to week. It’s been nice to see the vendors packing up and leaving with a lot less than what they came with. It’s been a joy to see the Little Sprouts market kids walking around and excited about purchasing their own produce!

Now that the summer produce is really starting to kick in and the harvest season is in full swing, we need to insure an increase in the market traffic and customer base. If you have not been to the market yet, only come once in a while or have friends and neighbors that haven’t been, now’s the time to make the market on Saturday part of your regular routine!

If you have never canned, preserved or froze, fresh produce to enjoy over the winter, this is the time of season to begin.  

This weekend THE PRODUCE IS IN ABUNDANCE and will continue for the remainder of the season. Brushy Creek, Cadet Creek, Stuckmeyer’s, the Cerny Family, Rosy Buck Farm, Mike and Crystal Condos, Homer’s Farm and Produce and Hunter’s Ridge Berry Farm will ALL be bringing super fresh, just picked, flavorful, colorful, seasonal produce. Next weekend, Three Girls and a Tractor is hoping that they will be ready to join us.

Peaches, blackberries, blueberries, rhubarb, celery, onions, corn, first off the field tomatoes, a variety of squash, green beans, turnips, beets, kale, watermelon radishes, cucumbers and MORE! Along with the produce, customers can pick up local, raw honey, herb and spice blends, salsa and pickles, pastured beef, pork, chicken, lamb and eggs and baked goods. There will also be fresh cut flowers, native plants, herbs, succulents and pollinator plants for your gardens and yard. A unique variety of handmade jewelry from various vendors as well as handmade and embroidered clothing and accessories will round out the vendor line up.

I have been noticing less and less green lettuce salads are at my table. Soon the lettuces will be bolting and getting bitter. Over the last week I have enjoyed a nice variety of early summer produce. The colors of the produce have been stunning.  Green and yellow beans, eggplant, lots of beautiful carrots, the start of tomatoes with a variety of sizes and colors, a few varieties of squash, larger onions, a few peppers, peaches, blueberries and corn on the cob. Because I manage two farmers each week, I get to enjoy a little bit from different producers from mid Missouri to Illinois.

I have been putting a lot of veggies on the grill over the last few weeks. Last weekend I also put peaches on the grill and enjoyed them with ice cream, blueberries and a rich, thick balsamic vinegar. A nice way to end a meal.

Each summer I make a few mustards using brown mustard seeds, ground mustard powder, a variety of beers, different vinegars and sweeteners, sometimes herbs and fruits. This week I have made a Raspberry Hefeweizen mustard using the Schlafly beer, a few fresh raspberries, honey and a raspberry vinegar. I also made a Peach Saison mustard with the beer, a little bit of fresh, diced peach, honey and another flavored vinegar. In a few days I will taste them, maybe make some adjustments and perhaps add herbs.

I have also been working on some BBQ sauces using the Peach Saison beer. I have not finished the final sauce yet, but it has started with chopped onion, Peach Saison beer, fresh peaches, chopped tomatoes and a little tomato paste. I will probably add something smoky like a little bit of chipotle pepper or smoked paprika. I have a lot of honey and tend to use honey for sweeteners when I cook. Honey or brown sugar will also go into the sauce pot. I am thinking it would be good with grilled chicken or pork.

Another creative, culinary adventure is using local, seasonal produce to make simple syrups for soda, teas, dessert sauces or cocktails. The most recent one I have enjoyed is a blueberry, lemon verbena, honey simple syrup. I have adjusted the amount of blueberries and lemon verbena with each of the two batches. I have also adjusted the time that I steep the ingredients. It has made a very refreshing soda and has been a good in gin and tequila cocktails. It would probably be a delicious syrup to spoon over ice cream.

And finally (for now), this week I also made a blueberry, peach streusel coffee cake! The the aromas in the kitchen have been amazing!

Please share your recipes and ideas for using the local, seasonal produce from the market.  I will post the formulas and recipes that I have used for mustard, bbq sauce, simple syrup and coffee cake in a separate post.

Meanwhile, please make plans to join us at the market. Live music by the Wise Bros, Little Sprouts kids market and lots of fun!

I am slowly hearing from the vendors and I can predict that we will have a lot of beautiful, fresh, local, seasonal, delicious food for you. I will continue to update the list through market time.

Current Vendor List:

The Cerny Family
Stuart Farm
Farrar Out Farm
Rosy Buck Farm
Flower Hill Farm
Cadet Creek
Brushy Creek
Homer’s Farm and Produce
Hunters Ridge Berry Farm
Stuckmeyer Plants and Produce
Mike and Crystal Condos
Two Men and a Garden
Bob’s Honey
El Chico Bakery
Great Harvest Bread
Adventures in Spice
Papillon Perennials
Milkweed for Monarchs

Non-Food Vendors:
Alfa Design
Rainbow Zen
Debbie Sinn
The Earring Lady
Stitches by Ann

 See you at the market.
The Sackett’s
(George and René)