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2017 Wildwood Farmers Market- ON MAIN STREET

Saturday, April 29th, 2017 | George Sackett | News

The 2017 Farmers Market season is just around the corner. The reports from our producer vendors have been quite positive (so far). Of course with the last several days of heavy rain, things could change. But we will still begin the season on Saturday, May 13th at 8:30am. Just in time for Mother’s Day, customers can look forward to shopping at the market for flowers, plants, speciality food items, fresh produce and handmade artisan wares.

With your continued and growing support, we are looking forward to really expanding our local farm fresh produce selection this year. We are happy to welcome new producers from the local area that are working hard to bring us fresh, seasonal vegetables, fruits and berries, meats, eggs, baked goods, honey, herbs, plants, flowers and more. In addition to the locally grown produce, locally branded food items and handmade artisan wares, we will continue to have the Little Sprouts kids market tent and live music each week. Author Fest will be held on the third Saturday of each month. This is an opportunity to come meet local authors and purchase books of all genres; mystery, childrens, fiction, non-fiction and more.

We have a big change in the market this season and that is the change in location. Most of you that live in the community have probably noticed the construction that has been taking place in the area where we have had the market. You may have been wondering how will the market be set up and where will it be during this period of construction? To be quite honest, we were too!! Looking down the road (literally) and planning for the future, the decision to move the market to MAIN STREET, in front of the Wildwood City Hall was agreed on. We think it will be a great venue and we are looking forward to the new location. It will be different, but we hoping the change will create a positive “vibe” and be a catelyst for future growth of the farmers market.

Each week, we will continue to post the Market report and blog keeping all of you up to date on what vendors will be attending each week, what they will be bringing to market, seasonal recipes and stories. We will post a calendar of market music as well.

We will continue to be a producer only market. Our market motto of “home grown, home made and hand made, locally grown, seasonal, produce and artisan wares” will still be a priority. We strive to bring our community a variety of  quality market vendors each week. Whatever is growing and being harvested in our local area (125 miles or less) should be at our farmers market each week. The produce will be fresh, just picked, packed and brought to you by the folks that are producing it. The meats will be from animals that have been raised and cared for by the folks at the market tent. The honey and eggs from “local” bees and chickens. The customer and the producer’s can connect and create relationships on a week to week basis at the market.

The Wildwood Farmers Market is not only a fun, community event each week, but a place of commerce.  Our hope is to make this a great gathering place where local, small farmers, producers, artisans and entrepreneurs can come together with the customer to support the local economy and keep more of each dollar spent circulating within our community.

We are looking forward to the 2017 season and hope to see you at the market.