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2017 Vendor Application Form

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Thank you for your interest in participating in the Wildwood Farmers Market. The WFM is a "producer only market" that means vendors can sell things that they grow or that they make themselves. No reselling is allowed unless there are extenuating circumstances and only with special permission from market management. Completing this form does not guarantee that you will be provided a space at the market. All applications will be reviewed by the market management and you will be notified when a decision has been reached. We anticipate that the 2017 market season will start May 20, but this may change depending on the progress that farmers make in having product ready for market. Fees for participating in the market are:

$25 for a 10'x10' space including a tent and table
A vendor may request an extra space and tent for $15 and will be provided as space permits.

This form is divided into several sections. Everyone is expected to fill on the contact information. Farmers and Food Vendors please fill out the second section labeled "Farmers and Food Vendor Information". Non-food vendors please fill out the third section labeled "Non-food Vendors Information".


Contact Information:

To help connect vendors and the farmers market please list all social media platforms and the user ID where you are active, such as:

Farmer/Rancher and Food Information:

We will use this information to help promote your business and the Farmers Market. Pictures are helpful but not required. Include a link to your website if you have one.

Please remember that we are a PRODUCER only market. No resale will be allowed. Any vendor that violates this policy is subject to immediate expulsion from the market.

Special Note for vendors bringing prepared food:
You will need to meet St. Louis County Health Department regulations that require, among other things, that the food be prepared in an inspected kitchen.

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Non-food Vendor Information

We will use this information to help promote your business and the Farmers Market. Photos or a link to your website where you sell your products is required. We require that all non-food items be homemade and handmade by the vendor. No resale and no multi-level marketing.

Please note: We are a farmers market rather than a craft show. Our goal is to have 80% produce and food to 20% non-food. Non-food vendors may have restricted dates of participation.

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Please list the dates that you are available to participate. This does not guarantee that you will have a spot on these dates but we will do our best to coordinate your availability with market spaces.

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